Genelia DSouza wallpapers temporarily escapes a ban from Tollywood


Genelia DSouza wallpapers

Genelia DSouza wallpapers

It was reported yesterday that Genelia DSouza wallpapers has been banned from the Telugu film business. However, The Movie Artistes Association (MAA) has clarified that it has extended the deadline and the actors guild has not imposed the ban on the bubbly girl. (Genelia DSouza wallpapers)

M Murali Mohan, the president of MAA, has said that they have given some a lot more time for the actors to register their names. They’ll take further action if they failed to fall on line before December 1. Not just Genelia DSouza wallpapers, there are many other actress, who’re yet to take the membership with the actors association.

A membership within the MAA will have a lot of rewards for an actor. The registered artistes can seek help with the organisation if they’ve concerns with the filmmakers or any individual, who’s related to films. It also protects the interests of the artists and supplies financial security for small-time actors.- Genelia DSouza wallpapers

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