I wish Marathi cinema grows: Genelia DSouza pics

Genelia DSouza picsActress Genelia DSouza pics hopes that her husband Riteish Deshmukh`s debut production Marathi film ‘Balak Palak’ aids within the growth of Marathi films.

“We are hoping that the film touches plenty of people,” the 25-year-old mentioned right here at the 14th Mumbai Film Festival, and added that they are hoping it opens the doors for Marathi cinema “because that`s been Riteish`s objective, you know, to let it grow”.

Directed by Ravi Jadhav, ‘Balak Palak’ was screened at the ongoing festival Saturday and is slated for nationwide release Nov 30.

Genelia DSouza pics hopes for any pan-Indian audience for Marathi films.

“I at times wish that we could get all of them to a national audience. I wish Marathi cinema only grows and that`s one from the causes why Riteish is undertaking a Marathi film next year and we hope to view a whole lot far more Marathi films next year,”Genelia DSouza pics stated.

Talking in regards to the film, Genelia DSouza pics said it is about kids coming of age.

“I know it`s so difficult to ask your parents so many issues at times and it`s essential that parents and young children have that rapport which my film talks about. Genelia DSouza pics.”

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